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  • How do I maintain my pool and liner? You can download the Aqualux Care and Maintenance brochure which gives detailed information on how to look after your new liner for maximum durability and colour longevity.

  • What type of pool can you renovate? We renovate and renew all type of inground pools - metal, concrete, fibreglass and timber pools can all have a vinyl liner fitted to rejuvinate and provide a watertight pool interior. We do not provide liners or renovation services for above-ground pools.

  • During drought (or flood) conditions, groundwater levels change, resulting in ground movement. Ground movement can cause significant structural damage to pools, resulting in cracking, tile and pipe damage, and water loss.
    Heavy-duty vinyl liners are the only proven pool finish able to cope with structural movement. The vinyl membrane's strength, durability and flexibility allow it to move with the pool.

  • Liners can be fabricated to fit virtually any shape, size and construction of pool, including over steps and benches. We custom measure all pools to ensure an exact fit for your liner.

  • Vinyl liners are very cost effective and compare favourably with other types of pool finishes. With the right care they will maintain their finish and colour for many years.

  • Properly maintained, vinyl liners can last well over fifteen years without becoming abrasive (like solid plaster), wearing off (like paint)
    or possibly shattering and falling off (like tiles).

  • A safe, clean and inviting pool is an important asset for any home owner or holiday accommodation provider.

  • When pool water is lost, so are pool chemicals and water balance.